Asphalt sealer is a custom rubberized, pre-mixed asphalt emulsion blended with select mineral fillers to produce the finest product available for both commercial and residential asphalt. Each additive has been selected to produce a seal coat with the deepest and longest lasting color, firmest body, and greatest durability. Our sealer is formulated to be compatible with both old and new asphalt and bond with strength. Keep in mind, not all asphalt sealers are alike. A quality product depends on quality materials and manufacturing processes from start to finish. We uphold the strictest standards to ensure that our product is consistent in strength and quality with every batch.



• Acts as a shield against weather and UV rays

• Protects against salt, gasoline, oil and other chemicals that can destroy your pavement

• Prevents small cracks from getting bigger and fills minor voids and imperfections

• Creates a rich, black surface with long-term color retention – ideal for painting lines

• Lowers maintenance costs – rainfall easily washes dirt from the smooth, non-porous surface

• Fast and easy application – broom, squeegee, or spray

• Non-toxic to both workers and the environment –no asbestos, coal tar, or carcinogenic materials

• Non-flammable and non-tracking

• Slip resistant

•Small cracks allow moisture into asphalt.
•Water expands and contracts with temperature causing larger cracks.
•Larger cracks allow more water penetration to weaken base.
•Weaknesses in base accelerate asphalt failure.
•Small cracks always become big cracks.
•Big cracks soon become potholes.
•Cracks ¼” and larger can be sealed with specially formulated HOT rubber.

Saves You Money-
For pennies on the dollar, you can avoid costly asphalt replacement with crack sealing performed by professionals. The cost of replacement can be 20 – 30 times more expensive than a single maintenance procedure.
Prolongs Pavement Life-
Routine Maintenance (proper crack sealing and sealcoating) can double the life of your asphalt. Crack sealing is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT STEP you can take to prolong the life of your asphalt.
Prevents Water Penetration-
Left untreated, cracks allow water into and beneath the base which leads to pavement failure. Water is the number one enemy of asphalt.
Improves Appearance-
First impressions of your home or place of business are greatly enhanced with a deep, rich, satiny black finish.